Although the communities of Glenwood & Lynwood provide funding for basic library services to the community; the library is also seeking public & private contributions for special projects that are not feasible due to their costs and budgetary constraints.

This Wishlist has been created in an effort to let the public be aware of what is needed and how to make a real and tangible difference to Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library patrons. If you or your organization or group would like to help fund any of the projects listed below, you may either purchase the item(s) yourself or make a monetary contribution and the library will purchase the item(s) per your request.

Your tax deductible gift greatly enhances the services the library provides to the public.

The Hangout Area
(New Teen & Young Adult Area)
$6,000: Gray Carpet Tiles
$255: Correll 42″ Black Granite Round Top Table
$380: Large White Computer/Writing Desk (2)
$1,530: Limari White Bar Height Table (2)
$300: Black, Set of 2, Counter Height Chairs (2)
$240: Hercules Black with Gray Sled Base (5-Pack)
$745: Rivet Revolve Modern Couch, Storm Grey
$100: Paint
Total: $9,550

To Donate:

Other Needs Coming Soon

Updated: August 17, 2020

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