Sensory Friendly Programs

Check out the extra-special programming we’ve planned for our special needs children and their parents. We are providing an atmosphere where our kids can be creative as well as be themselves! We hope you will join us for these upcoming events!

Puzzles & Play-Doh
Saturday, July 21

Children need to touch a variety of textures and play with them to develop normal tactile processing; to do that we are having fun with Play-Doh. For Kids who tend to get overexcited, we will also be putting puzzles together! This activity works on fine motor skills, is calming and also help kids with visual-spatial processing issues. Children must be accompanied by a guardian. Limit 20.

The STEM Lab – Lava Lamps
Saturday, August 18

This month in the STEM Lab, we will be making lava lamps! This is a perfect solution to calming down from a sensory overload or if you just need a moment to relax. Children must be accompanied by a guardian. Limit 20.


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