Pay Fines Online

The library accesses fines for overdue library materials. Any overdue items owned by the Glenwood-Lynwood Library will be assessed the following fines:

  • Books, Audiobooks, CD’s, and periodicals .10¢ per day
  • DVD/Video Games $1 per day

A patron’s library privileges: borrowing, interlibrary loan, and computer usage are suspended if they have overdue items totaling $5 or owe $5 or more in fines from any library. The SWAN computer system automatically puts a STOP on the patron card. Once the items have been returned or fines are paid, borrowing, interlibrary loan and computer usage privileges will be restored.

If a Glenwood-Lynwood cardholder under the age of 18 has fines or overdue items totaling $5 or more, a STOP will be put on the child’s card and a STOP will be put on the card of the parent or guardian who signed the minor’s card. Once the materials have been returned and/or paid, the STOP on both cards will be removed.

If an item is lost or damaged, the patron will be assessed fees for the cost of the item, a $5.00 processing fee, and fines of the item, not to exceed the price of the book. If the material has been damaged and has been paid for, the patron may keep the book. If the item was lost and paid, and the patron finds the material within 30 days of payment, they may return the item for a refund of the item only. The fines and processing fee will not be refunded. After 30 days the lost item will be deleted from the computer system.

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