HomeBound Service

The Glenwood-Lynwood Library Home Delivery Service is free to those who live in Glenwood or Lynwood and are not physically able to visit the library. If you have a short-term injury or illness, a permanent condition or physical disability that confines you to your home, we will deliver your choice of library materials to you and pick them up.

How it works:

  • Browse the library collection on our website at http://www.glpld.org.
  • Contact the library (708)-758-0090 to have the Bookmobile supply you a selection of audiobooks, books, CDs, movies or other materials available on loan.
  • If you would like to keeps your materials longer, just call to renew. However, this excludes items that are on hold for others or new materials that are not renewable.

Contact the library if you have any further questions.

close up of senior woman with parcel box at home


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