Kids Programs

Advanced registration is required to reserve your spot for these kid-friendly activities. Children and parents/guardians accompanying their children are welcome into all Kids Programs. REGISTRATION BEGINS SEPTEMBER 1. All in house programs are subjected to change to online programs.

If any prerecorded programs require kits, you must pick them up 1 week before program. We will contact those who are registered. If you cannot pick up your kit, it will go to anyone on the waiting list and/or walk-in registration.

Storytime (Prerecorded)
Every Other Thurs. starting Sept 10 from 6-6:30pm

Hear a story with an activity to wrap up your day. Kit Required. Limit 8. This is a prerecorded program.

Mexican Independence
Weds., Sept 16 from 3-4pm

Join us via YouTube for a cool Fiesta-rrific craft! Kit Required. Limit 10. Prerecorded.

Find the Golden Snitch
All Month in October

Find the Quidditch Golden Snitch somewhere in the library & get sorted into your Hogwarts House! Halloween

Rock Magnet
Tues., Oct 27 from 4-5pm

Make a few spooky magnets.

Basic Hand Sewing
Tues., Nov 3 from 4-5pm

Learn how to make your very own hair scrunchie.

Q-Tip Painting
Tues., Nov 24 from 5-6pm

We’re making fall inspired art.

Button Wreath Ornament
Tues., Dec 15 from 4-5pm

Make an ornament for your tree!

Sensory Programming

Sensory Friendly Programming is designed to help kids with different abilities participate in programs with the instructor being sensitive to that child’s need(s). Whether that is dimming the lights, turning down the music or providing them with supplies to compensate for any textile sensitivities or sensory overloads. Kids with sensory needs may scream, stim, and constantly move around; but in a sensory friendly program, you are in a judge free environment. Kids without sensory needs can participate in sensory friendly programming and we hope you do – this will give you an opportunity to make new friends!

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