Kids Programs

Advanced registration is required to reserve your spot for these kid-friendly activities. Children and parents/guardians accompanying their children are welcome into all Kids Programs. REGISTRATION BEGINS JULY 1. All in house programs are subjected to change to online programs.

Drive Up Storytime
Every Other Thurs. Starting July 8 from 6-6:30pm

Grab a craft from the library and listen to a story from the comfort of your car!

Crafty Greenhouses
Thurs., July 29 from 1-2pm

We’re planting seeds and watching them grow.

Paws to Read
Sats.: Aug 14 & Aug 21 from 11am-12pm

Kids will read to a dog and make a craft.

Build A Car
Thurs.: Aug 19 & Sept 16 from 4-6pm

Get ready for our drive in movies by making your very own car!

Stained Glass Sidewalk Art
Weds., Sept 8 from 4-5pm

Meet us outside to create this easy sidewalk chalk art project that’ll leave the sidewalk looking
like stained glass.

Mexican Independence Bingo
Weds., Sept 15 from 4:30-5:30pm

Celebrate Mexican Independence with a few rounds of Loteria and regular bingo.

Read My Genre Web
Tues., Oct 19 from 5-6pm

Read books and complete a genre web with book title and genre to win a Halloween goodie jar!

Gratitude Tree
Thurs., Nov 11 from 5-6pm

Make a gratitude tree to show what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Wooden Snowman Ornament
Weds., Dec 15 from 4-5pm

Decorate a wooden snowman to place on your Christmas Tree.

Sensory Programming

Sensory Friendly Programming is designed to help kids with different abilities participate in programs with the instructor being sensitive to that child’s need(s). Whether that is dimming the lights, turning down the music or providing them with supplies to compensate for any textile sensitivities or sensory overloads. Kids with sensory needs may scream, stim, and constantly move around; but in a sensory friendly program, you are in a judge free environment. Kids without sensory needs can participate in sensory friendly programming and we hope you do – this will give you an opportunity to make new friends!

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