Director’s Corner


Dear Glenwood & Lynwood residents,

The library is extending our closure and will reopen on Monday, May 4th at 10 AM with staying in line with the state’s Stay-at-Home order & what other area libraries are doing. It is really hard not to see all of you in person. We miss your smiling faces, helping, and talking to you!

The library is taking a step back to let the essential people do their jobs. Staying home and following social distancing, we are doing our part. While it’s hard to say that libraries may not be essential during a pandemic; they are essential during the aftermath. We will be there to help rebuild our communities when it’s safe to reopen; provide employment resources from job loss; help kids on their schoolwork; have a clean & safe place for people to meet; offer the food during our FREE food pop-ups and finally adapt to what our community needs. Our time to be essential is coming.
Please help me in giving a special thanks to our Maintenance Crew, Leon & Louis, who are cleaning the library along with our Shelvers Pam & Melinda helping as well.
Also, thank you to all grocery, mail, FedEx/UPS, doctors, nurses, restaurant workers preparing take out food, food pantry volunteers, police force, and all other essential workers during this time. You are invaluable to everyone during this time!
Thank you to the School’s staff! You have made a tremendous effort and worked tirelessly in keeping our future leaders educated and fed!

Thank you to our Library Trustees who work tirelessly behind the scenes and provide their wisdom to make sure the library can do everything for the communities we serve.
Finally, thank you to Villages, Public Works , and other staff. Our future leaders look to your guidance and we appreciate all past and present leadership!
Our communities are amazing and we will continue to persevere together during all of this! We got this! When we come back, I know we’ll do so at full force.

Brian Vagt
Library Director

Updated: April 1, 2020

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