Director’s Corner

Spring Weather Forecast 2021: Rain or Shine? Flowers or Frost? | The Old  Farmer's Almanac

In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.
— Mark Twain

The past year has been interesting to say the least but we’ve all pulled together to get through it. As we start returning to our new norm, we’re unplugging ourselves from our screens by offering more in-person programming by taking advantage of the beautiful Spring & Summer weather as well as expanding the hours we’re open. Face coverings are still required and following social distancing guidelines is expected but we’re coming back better than ever.

While we made budget cuts due to the pandemic which was caused from issues with our property tax collections and hitting our tax cap due to the continued decrease of the area’s Equalized Assessed Valuation; the library was able to make due with what we had. We aren’t quite out of the woods but we strive to assist everyone we can and offer great educational & entertainment resources for all.

Be on the lookout for our upcoming newsletter for all the new services & programming we’ll have available including the return of Jazz on the Lawn, Drive-in Movies, and Drive-Up Storytime. Everyone at the Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library District look forward to seeing everyone and our doors are open for all!

Brian Vagt
Library Director

Updated: May 10, 2021

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