Computer Classes

All are welcome to attend our FREE computer classes. Keyboard and mouse proficiency and advance registration is required. iCan Lab registration is limited to 7 patrons for hands-on participation in each class. Sign Up Today!

Video Streaming Services

Learn about the video streaming services that available for your TVs and digital devices.

May 28                                    Tuesday                                  7-8:30 pm
June 1                                      Saturday                                 10-11:30am

Removing Pictures from Your Phone

Learn how to delete photos from your phone to free up valuable storage space. We’ll also talk about popular cloud storage sites for your treasured photos.

June 4                                      Tuesday                                 7-8:30pm

Creating Photobooks

Use your photos to make a low cost, do-it-yourself photobook of your prom, graduation, family reunions and other special events. Be sure to bring your phone, storage device or cloud storage account information to access your photos.

June 11                                    Tuesday                                 7-8:30pm
June 15                                    Saturday                               10-11:30am

Smart Online Shopping

Learn the tips and tricks for a better, safer shopping experience. Also learn to use online reviews before making that big purchase!

June 22                                    Saturday                                10-11:30am

Google Applications (Apps)

Learn to use Google’s free collaborative office suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office Suite products and allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides and surveys.

 June 25                                    Tuesday                                 7-8:30pm

Using Your Android Phone

Learn basic tips and tricks for using your Android smartphone. Don’t forget to bring your fully charged phone to class!

July 9                                      Tuesday                                 7-8:30pm
July 13                                    Saturday                                10-11:30am

Using Your iPhone

Learn basic tips and tricks for using your iPhone. Don’t forget to bring your fully charged phone to class!

July 20                                    Saturday                                10-11:30am

Voice Assistants (Smart Speakers)

Do you own an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device and want to learn how to do more with it? Are you interested in purchasing one in the future, but wanted to learn more? Learn which device

July 23                                     Tuesday                                 7-8:30pm

Video Doorbell Systems

 In this interactive session, we’ll discuss the types of popular video doorbell systems that are available on the market and how to install them.

July 30                                     Tuesday                                 7-8:30pm

Internet @ Home

Are you paying for more internet than you actually need?   We will discuss the types of internet to bring into our homes, how much we really need and strategies to save money or optimize usage.

August 6                                  Tuesday                                 7-8:30pm
August 10                                Saturday                                10-11:30am

Wearable Technology

Learn some of the most popular types of wearables today, from fitness trackers to smartwatches to medical devices. Are they right for you?

August 13                                Tuesday                                 7-8:30pm
August 17                                Saturday                                10-11:30am

Using WhatsApp

Learn how to navigate the social media app that lets you send texts and make calls without using data. Perfect for those traveling abroad!

August 27                                Tuesday                                 7-8:30pm

iCan Lab

Let’s Make a Movie
Wednesdays, August 7 and 14 from 6:30-8:45pm
Saturday, August 10 from 1-5pm

 This 3 day beginner movie creation program will cover script writing, video production and acting. Ages 13 and up.

Special Assistance

Meet Your Computer
Every Wednesday morning 10-11:30am
1st Saturday of the month (beginning July 6), 10-11:30am

Do you need to improve your computer skills? Do you need to learn computer basics or how to use Microsoft software to complete a project? We’re here to help! Bring in your laptop (or use ours) to get the computer tutorials and personalized help you need.

 Need more Help?

 Schedule a one-on-one session with our Computer Lab staff. Call the library Computer Lab at 708-758-0090 for more details.

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