Computer Classes

All are welcome to attend our FREE computer classes. Keyboard and mouse proficiency and advance registration is required. iCre@te Lab registration is limited to 7 patrons for hands-on participation in each class. Sign Up Today!


Linking Email to Your Phone
Thurs., July 15 from 7-8pm

Stay connected even when you’re away from your computer by accessing your emails from your phone.

Influencer 101
Thurs., August 19 from 7-8pm

We’re going to show you how to create a vlog.

Learning Computer Basics
Thurs., Sept 16 from 7-8pm

Not everyone is an expert on the computer, we can help you with these computer basics to get you started.

Helpful Tips for Social Media
Thurs., October 21 from 7-8pm

You know the basics of social media, but here are some features you may not know about to help you with your user experience.

Tips for your Virtual Assistant
Thurs., Nov 18 from 7-8pm

Learn these cool features to better utilize your Alexa or Google Assistant.

Online Shopping Safety
Thurs., Dec 16 from 7-8pm

You may be comfortable shopping online, but we’ll make sure you’re shopping safely with these important tips.

Need One-On-One Help?

Can’t wait for a class and need help now? Schedule a one-on-one session with our Computer Lab staff. Email the Computer Lab at or call 708-758-0090 for more details.

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