Computer Classes

All are welcome to attend our FREE computer classes. Keyboard and mouse proficiency and advance registration is required. iCan Lab registration is limited to 7 patrons for hands-on participation in each class. Sign Up Today!

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016

Learn how to setup a Word document using font type and size, formatting, line spacing, inserting pictures and tables, bullet points and more. Keyboard and mouse proficiency required.

September 10                     Tuesday                                    7-8:30pm
September 14                     Saturday                                  10-11:30am

Staying Digitally Organized

In a multi-platform digital world, it is easy to become disorganized when most of us use one or more devices. This class will discuss techniques and programs to aide in your digital organization.

September 17                     Tuesday                                    7-8:30pm
September 21                     Saturday                                  10-11:30am

Online Job Searching

There are a wide range of websites that have various job postings. This class will review the pros and cons of using these sites.

September 24                      Tuesday                                  7-8:30pm

Voice Assistants (Smart Speakers)

Do you own an Amazon Echo or Google Home device and want to learn how to do more with it? Are you interested in purchasing one in the future? Learn which device may work best for you.

October 1                               Tuesday                                7-8:30pm

Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint

Learn to create presentations by inserting slides, music, pictures and more. Keyboard and mouse proficiency required.

October 8                               Tuesday                                7-8:30pm
October 12                             Saturday                              10-11:30am

Intro to Google Forms

Great for people who organize events or teachers who are looking to incorporate more technology in their lessons. Attendees MUST have a working Google account and password. Keyboard and mouse proficiency required.

October 15                             Tuesday                                7-8:30pm
October 19                             Saturday                              10-11:30am

Better Online Searching

Many of us know how to do online searching, but did you know that there are techniques to get better results? This class will look at some of the advanced techniques of web searching to get better targeted results. Keyboard and mouse proficiency required.

October 22                              Tuesday                              7-8:30pm

Doing More with Maps

Google Maps is one of the most powerful websites/apps on the internet today. This class will look at some great things you can do besides getting directions. Keyboard and mouse proficiency required.

October 29                              Tuesday                             7-8:30pm

Microsoft Excel

Learn the basics of the software that allows you to organize data for creating budgets, inventories, statistics and more. Keyboard and mouse proficiency required.

November 5                           Tuesday                              7-8:30pm
November 9                           Saturday                            10-11:30am

Staying Safe Online

Practicing safe online skills is a good habit to have. We’ll discuss safety procedures as well as apps you should avoid. Keyboard and mouse proficiency required.

November 12                         Tuesday                               7-8:30pm
November 16                         Saturday                             10-11:30am

Smart Online Shopping

With the gift-giving season around the corner, it’s time to explore different online shopping options and how to do it safely. Keyboard and mouse proficiency required.

November 19                          Tuesday                              7-8:30pm

iCan Lab

Live Performance Station
Wednesdays: September 11 and 18 from 6:30-8:30pm

Bring your cell phone and learn to write, perform and produce 3-minute skits like your YouTube favorites! We’ll post our favorites on the library’s social media pages for all to enjoy. Ages 15 and up. This is a two part series.

Special Assistance

Meet Your Computer
Every Wednesday morning 10-11:30am
1st Saturday of the month, 10-11:30am

Do you need to improve your computer skills? Do you need to learn computer basics or how to use Microsoft software to complete a project? We’re here to help! Bring in your laptop (or use ours) to get the computer tutorials and personalized help you need.

 Need more Help?

 Schedule a one-on-one session with our Computer Lab staff. Call the library Computer Lab at 708-758-0090 for more details.

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