Computer Classes

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Get on board with Pinterest, an awesome way to find inspiration for a project or organize your life. Find recipes, crafts, fashion, and so much more! Learn how to create an account, browse the website, and create your own personal boards. Prerequisites: Keyboard and mouse proficiency, an email and a Facebook or Twitter account.

September 2                   Saturday                   10-11:30am

Introduction to Twitter

In this introductory class you will learn the basics of twitter, what it is, how to set up an account, how to tweet, how to follow people and how to get people to follow you. Prerequisites: Keyboard and mouse proficiency.

September 5                   Tuesday                     7-8:30pm
September 9                   Saturday                   10-11:30am

Introduction to LinkedIn

Are you currently conducting a professional job search or may need to do so in the near future? Learn to use the business and employment social networking site, LinkedIn. You will learn how to set up your profile and the business connections that will help you to further your career. Prerequisites: Keyboard and mouse proficiency.

September 12                  Tuesday                    7-8:30pm
September 16                  Saturday                  10-11:30am

Photoshopping Your Photos (iCan Lab)

Do you have a favorite picture of yourself or a loved one that’s worn or blemished? Have a photo you feel would’ve have been perfect if a certain object wasn’t in the way? Let us digitally enhance your memories by editing your pictures using Photoshop. Please bring 1 photo (digital or printed) to work on or a photo will be provided for you.

September 21                   Thursday                  7-8:30pm

Email Skills

Do you know how to send, reply to, and forward an email with ease? Can you quickly print an attachment, create folders and organize your inbox? Can you access your email on your phone, but not on a desktop? Answer these questions and more! Prerequisite: An email account that you can access, keyboard and mouse proficiency.

September 23                   Saturday                  10-11:30am

Computer Basics

New to computers, but cannot attend the Wednesday morning Meet Your Computer class? Do you struggle to conduct basic internet searches? This course is for you. In this course you will lean the basic computer lingo, how a computer works, and the parts of a computer desktop. This course will give you the resources for extra practice and will start you on the road to increasing your computer skills.

September 26                    Tuesday                    7-8:30pm
September 30                    Saturday                  10-11:30am

Windows 10 Introduction

Learn the basics of navigating Windows 10 with this class. We will cover navigating and customizing the desktop as well as tips for increasing your comfort level with the Windows 10 upgrade. Since our laptops are currently running Windows 7, this is a demonstration class. If you have a laptop with Windows 10, please bring it to the class. Prerequisites: Keyboard and mouse proficiency.

October 3                             Tuesday                    7-8:30pm
October 7                             Saturday                  10-11:30am

Cloud Storage

Tired of saving to your flash drive or email? Did you lose your flash drive and no longer have access to your valuable files and photos? Do you want access to your files no matter which computer you’re using? Learn to save your documents and photos to the cloud. Prerequisites: Keyboard and mouse proficiency.

October 10                            Tuesday                  7-8:30pm
October 14                            Saturday                10-11:30am

Creating .GIFs in Photoshop (iCan Lab)

.GIFs are the latest trend – they are all over social media, websites & more. Create simple animated .GIFs to enhance your website, blog or social media page!

October 19                            Thursday                7-8:30pm

Chrome and Firefox

Do you automatically choose the blue “e” when searching the internet? Learn to use two very popular web browsers—Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We will teach you to the special features of Chrome and Firefox how to browse and utilize the privacy and security settings. Prerequisites: Keyboard and mouse proficiency.

October 21                           Saturday                  10-11:30am

Word 2013 Basics

Users will learn to use this word processing application by typing, saving and printing a basic word document. Prerequisites: Keyboard and mouse proficiency.

October 24                           Tuesday                     7-8:30pm
October 28                           Saturday                   10-11:30am

Word 2013: Tables, Templates, and Macros

Learn to create tables to present your data and save time by using Word templates (for resume for resumes and macros. Prerequisites: Introductory Word knowledge and keyboard and mouse proficiency.

October 31                            Tuesday                     7-8:30pm
November 4                         Saturday                   10-11:30am

Excel 2013 Basics

Spreadsheets are used to organize data and numbers for creating budgets, inventories, statistics and more. Learn how to use the basic features of Excel in this introduction to this useful software. Prerequisites: Keyboard and mouse proficiency.

November 7                         Tuesday                      7-8:30pm
November 11                       Saturday                    10-11:30am

Excel 2013 Charts and Graphs

Excel is known for being able to organize and manipulate data. In this class, you will learn how to create charts and graphs to display your data. Prerequisites: Introductory Excel knowledge and keyboard and mouse proficiency.

November 14                        Tuesday                      7-8:30pm
November 18                        Saturday                    10-11:30am

Patterns & Digital Drawings using Illustrator (iCan Lab)

Create one-of-a-kind flyers or invitations by designing your own unique patterns and digital drawings in Adobe Illustrator. Perfect for the holiday season!

November 16                        Thursday                   7-8:30pm

Intro to PowerPoint

Add excitement and interest to a presentation or projects with this dynamic program. PowerPoint will allow you to create a slideshow using text, graphics and animation in class to take your work from plain to powerful. Prerequisites: keyboard and mouse proficiency.

November 25                        Saturday                     10-11:30am

Intro to Publisher 2013

Learn how easy it is to create business cards, newsletters, greeting cards, posters and more using this Microsoft’s desktop publishing program. Prerequisites: keyboard and mouse proficiency.

November 28                          Tuesday                      7-8:30pm
December 2                             Saturday                   10-11:30am