Computer Classes

All are welcome to attend our FREE computer classes. Keyboard and mouse proficiency and advance registration is required. iCan Lab registration is limited to 7 patrons for hands-on participation in each class. Sign Up Today!

Creating Photobooks

Use your photos to make a low cost, do-it-yourself photobook that makes a perfect holiday gift. Be sure to bring your photos, storage device or cloud storage account information.

November 27                                 Tuesday                                    7-8:30pm
December 1                                    Saturday                                  10-11:30am

Viruses and Malware Basics

Learn to identify and protect yourself against the malware created to track your internet activity and/or harm your computer.

December 4                                     Tuesday                                    7-8:30pm
December 8                                     Saturday                                  10-11:30am

Email Skills

Learn the tips and tricks that will help you to send, reply to and forward emails, download attachments, organize your folders and more. You must know your email address and password to access your account.

December 11                                    Tuesday                                    7-8:30pm

Beginning Computing With Windows 10

Improve your Windows 10 beginning computing skills by learning how to launch programs; create, rename, and delete files or folders; organize your desktop and more.

December 18                                     Tuesday                                     7-8:30pm
December 22                                     Saturday                                   10-11:30am

Using Your iPhone

Learn basic tips and tricks for using your iPhone. Don’t forget to bring your fully charged phone to class!

January 5                                            Saturday                                   10-11:30am

Microsoft Word 2013

Learn to create, store, edit and save documents using the most popular word processing software.

January 8                                            Tuesday                                    7-8:30pm
January 12                                          Saturday                                  10-11:30am

Using Your Android Phone

Learn basic tips and tricks for using your Android smartphone. Don’t forget to bring your fully charged phone to class!

January 15                                            Tuesday                                     7-8:30pm

Microsoft Excel 2013

Learn the basics of the software that allows you to organize data and numbers for creating budgets, inventories, statistics, and more.

January 22                                             Tuesday                                    7-8:30pm
January 26                                             Saturday                                  10-11:30am

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Create presentation or programs with this dynamic program. PowerPoint will allow you to create a slideshow using text, graphics, animations and more.

January 29                                             Tuesday                                     7-8:30pm
February 2                                            Saturday                                    10-11:30am

Microsoft Publisher 2013

Learn to create brochures, flyers, cards, calendars, etc. with this easy to use desktop publishing program.

February 5                                              Tuesday                                    7-8:30pm
February 9                                              Saturday                                  10-11:30am

Creating a Website

Learn the steps to create a website using the WIX template and get your website online.

February 12                                             Tuesday                                   7-8:30pm

Removing Pictures from Your Phone

Learn how to delete photos from your phone to free up valuable storage space. We’ll also talk about popular cloud storage sites for your treasured photos.

February 19                                              Tuesday                                  7-8:30pm
February 23                                              Saturday                                10-11:30am

Google Applications (Apps)

Learn to use Google’s free collaborative office suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office Suite products and allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides and surveys.

February 26                                             Tuesday                                   7-8:30pm
March 2                                                     Saturday                                 10-11:30am

iCan Lab

Podcasting 101
Wednesdays, December 5 and 12

Learn how to select a topic, structure, create and edit your podcast. After attending this class, you can use the iCan lab to record or we’ll tell you what equipment is needed to record at home. All ages. Limit 8.

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