Loan Period & Late Charges

Loan Periods & Late Charges

GLPLD cardholders may have up to 100 items checked out at one time (not counting eBooks and Audiobooks).  Certain material types have restrictions on the number that can be borrowed.  See Table below for details.

Items (except Video Games) may be renewed TWO TIMES if there are NO Holds.

MaterialsLoan PeriodLate Charge/DayLimit
Books3 weeks.10¢ 
DVDs (Feature Films)2 week$1.00 5
DVDs (TV Series)2 weeks$1.00 5
DVDs (Non-Fiction)3 weeks.10 
Audiobooks3 weeks.10¢ 
Music CDs2 weeks.10¢ 
Video Games1 week$1.00 1
eBooks (Media on Demand)1, 2 or 3 weeksN/A 20 (20 holds)
iCan Lab Equipment3 days$5.00 
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