Chinese Calligraphy via Zoom – Saturday, September 26 from 11 to 11:30am

Chinese calligraphy is one of the most traditional art forms in the world, truly representative of eastern art and culture. JoJo was taught and inspired by her grandfather to practice Chinese calligraphy from a young age. With her love and passion for creative arts, she adopted a modern twist to traditional Chinese calligraphy. Her work showcases a perfect balance of traditional calligraphy art with modern flare. It is her hope to continue to spread the passion of Chinese calligraphy as a modern art form.

Join us in learning Chinese calligraphy with JoJo. Registration is required.

中國書法是世界上最傳統的藝術形式之一,是東方藝術和文化的真正代表。我的祖父從小受到教育和啟, 從小開始練習中國書法。憑藉我對創意藝術的熱愛,我對中國傳統書法採取了現代轉折。我的作品展現了 傳統書法藝術與現代耀斑的完美平衡。我希望繼續把中國書法作為現代藝術的熱情傳播出去。

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